Our innovation and our
quality are your products
and your success

& know how

r&d and innovations

" We strive to constantly generate excellent quality products that meet our highly valued customers' satisfaction through the commitment of our extremely motivated staff."

Playing a strong role in Crown Flour Mill’s regional success is our commitment to providing the market with alternative and innovative products.

Leveraging the expertise of our team of researchers, laboratory analysts and flour experts, we craft pioneering formulas that meet the demands of the market and that serve our customers’ diverse requirements.

New products are continually under development and released to market after testing and refinement.

Quality, safety
& regulations

" We don’t find customers for our products, we find products for our customers."

Thanks to our strong distribution network, we are able to serve customers ranging from one-store shops to multi-unit chains, in our local market of Lebanon and across the entire Middle East and North Africa region.

Quality, consistency, strict hygiene, added value and flexibility are among the attributes that keep our customers returning to us. Together we build partnerships that deliver satisfaction guaranteed.

yOur QualiTy

When you purchase a Crown Flour Mills product, you are assured of quality, with every step of the production process, from sourcing to milling and delivery, overseen with rigorous attention to detail and fully compliant with international health and safety standards.

How we ensure
a consistent
quality product

  • Selecting and negotiating the finest quality from our wheat suppliers.
  • Strict measures are applied during the loading of the wheat to ensure that quality parameters have been met.
  • Following a control process as the load is discharged at Beirut Port and during its journey to the mill.
  • State-of-the-art milling machinery controlled by automation software (PLC) ensures that each batch is milled according to predefined recipes.
  • A full traceability process is in place with proper checks and balances guaranteeing that the product is always consistent and meets predefined quality parameters.
  • Crown Flour Mill’s highly qualified personnel monitors and fine tunes the process for optimal results.